Talent concept
Highly flexible internal lifting mechanism

We are fully committed to building and growing our organization from within the company. Whenever we have a job opening, we fill it from within the company first. A wealth of priceless practical knowledge will benefit you throughout your life, and the room for growth and development will give you a sense of belonging and pride.

Set high ethical standards

Quality culture has become the moral standard and public opinion guidance of Haihua Group, and those who really pay efforts for quality get the greatest respect in Haihua Group. We obeyed the law and always believed that we were doing the right thing.

People oriented Haihua Group Culture

What we value is performance, and we work with excellent like-minded colleagues in a friendly, harmonious and warm environment to make work more efficient and enjoyable.

Competitive compensation package

We have a perfect salary management system. In order to attract and retain talented people, the company will take part in the international known each year, a research firm's annual industry salary, benefits the market survey, to ensure that the sea flower group stay competitive salary welfare system, create a kind of encourage risk-taking, advocating the spirit of ownership, stimulate creative thinking of the new culture atmosphere surrounded.

China sales

China sales

China sales